We are Czech investment fund for qualified investors with variable capital. The investment target of the Fund is a steady increase of the value of the funds contributed by its shareholders, and that is by investing in the envisaged high-return assets and corresponding risks without any sector and geographic restrictions, while especially focusing on the Asian region (including Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other countries), the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The fund focuses on investment in undervalued or growth-stage projects/business, with the intent of increasing their initial value.
Czech fund structure is acceptable to foreign partners, investors and investees, particularly in Asia and CIS. Flexible SICAV structure allows tailoring the offer to investor's needs and affords to separate distinct investors' intentions and also provides several layers of investor protection. Favorable tax & cost structure provides considerable profit compared with other traditional locations for SICAV.
Pavel Dolezhal
Chairman of the Board and Executive Director AVANT Investment Company
Robert Robek
Director of Funds Management and Chairman of the Board, AVANT Investment company
Martin Kadlec
Member of Supervisory Board
David Urbanec
Member of Investment Committee
Iakov Adamovskiy
Member of Investment Committee
Lidia Nevmerzycka
Project manager
Alfred Brunclik
Member of Supervisory Board
Milan Klečka
Investment Committee Advisor
Baurzhan Ibraev
Chairman of the supervisory board
+420 233 321 805
Rohanské nábřeží 671/15 186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín Česká republika